Monday, June 6, 2011

Laughing Hysterically

Dozed off to sleep this afternoon and astroprojected. Not really, but it felt as if I could come out of my body out of my own volition. I walked around the hotel room and laughed because it felt euphoric to dance and jump around without gravity to hold me down. I thought of something new to dream about and I saw it instantly. I thought, I'm outside in Peru and I was outside in Peru, I thought its night time and it was night time. I thought about Austin and he was there in Peru and felt his presence, though we didn't talk we communicated as naturally as we did in waking life. I was laughing so hard I thought my roommate could hear me through my dream. I also felt like I could stay in the dream world forever. I wanted to stay there but then I also knew that I had to wake up and read B.F. Skinner for class. So I tried to wake myself up. I moved my fingers, my hands, my arms, toes, feet, nothing worked. I rolled around hoping that falling out of bed would make me wake up. When I attempted to move my body would not follow me, it was left behind and I would end up on the floor next to my bed laughing hysterically. I must have entered a different stage of sleep because after this everything went blank for a while and then I woke up. I asked my roommate if she had noticed me doing anything strange while sleeping and she said no

Life is but a dream.

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